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Earn $8 per qualified lead helping people find the personalized care they deserve.

The MDVIP model was created with the vision of transforming primary care — for both young and old — by embracing a proactive approach to health and wellness. Patients pay an annual membership fee for the extensive MDVIP Wellness Program.

The MDVIP personalized healthcare model was profiled in the first-ever study of hospital utilization, as published in an article published in the peer-reviewed The American Journal of Managed Care (December 2012). The lower hospitalization and re-admissions saved an average $2,551 per member. So, not only do members get better care, but as new healthcare laws mean higher costs to some patients, MDVIP actually saves members money.

Live healthy with a private doctor focused on you!

MDVIP practices are smaller; the patient comes first. Affiliated doctors see patients as people — not numbers or charts —and tailor a wellness plan specifically for each patient’s unique needs, goals and aspirations.  It’s healthcare the way it was meant to be – personalized, responsive, convenient and completely focused on keeping people healthy.

MDVIP is bringing more life to more lives by combining the high-tech tools of today and the high-touch practices of the past to help make patients and doctors happier and healthier.

About the MDVIP Affiliate Program

  • Earn $8 per qualified lead
  • Performance incentives and bonuses offered monthly
  • 30 return days
  • Active Program Management by Snow Consulting


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