The holidays are upon us and it doesn’t seem like there’s any reason to worry about printer ink cartridges, of all things, but here are three big reasons you might want to stock up now: If you’re buying for your home office or business needs, this might be the last opportunity to stock up and include the cost in your tax deductions. Planning your itemized expenditures can save you more than the cost of some everyday business products. Personal holiday letters are fun to write, fun to receive, but no fun at all if you run out of red ink in the middle of the project! Dashing off a wonderful, personal greeting is easy in this day of home computers, but make sure there’s an extra cartridge of each kind standing by for that late night print run! The very minute that the holiday table is cleared, you’ll be thinking about organizing everything! January is geared for health goals, resolutions, desk and file organization and more

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3 Reasons You Should Check Your Printer Ink Supply